ANTIGALLERY is a multi-media, multi-disciplinary art event featuring the works of LGBTQ artists from Arkansas. Visual art, video, music, performance and fashion art, coordinated to invoke emotion, reaction and viewer engagement, challenging common gallery perceptions and questioning the ethos of competitive individualism within a consumerist culture, while showcasing artists from groups commonly marginalized by the same.

Statements of purposes:

-To bring art out of a traditional setting, giving the viewer a new perspective.
-To provide an engaging new eye on the value of diversity in art.
-To embrace diversity as a key element in the production and presentation of art.
-To freak everyone out in the name of art.

Areas of inclusion:

-Painting -Sculpture
-Install -Performance
-Music -Video
-Design -Fashion


ANTIGALLERY is a pop-up gallery to be installed for 2 days in Sway Night Club, during Second Friday Art Night weekend, Thur., June 8th (artist's open) and Fri., June 9th (primary open). The install will be conducted by the individual and collaborative efforts of 10-12, selected, local artists. (to be announced.)